Bus Operator – 707 Inc

707 – Inc group is one of the famous bus operators that across the south region of peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. It will be started its operation in the year 2002. 707 will offers the great choices of the tour bus and express bus services that depart from Singapore to Malacca and with more than 300 bus routes daily. There will be popular routes that include buses depart from Singapore to Malacca with 150 routes per day.


Singapore to Malacca:

707 express buses went to queen street terminal to take a shuttle bus to Johor Bahru many years ago. Since it traveled on 707 buses to Malacca and Genting highlands. This bus was the convenience of taking the train to Bugis MRT station and less than 5 minutes walk to queen street terminal. It is more convenient for going a golden mile on the beach road.

It will be a good idea to book the bus ticket prior to the day of departure to ensure that you will get a good seat and not to waste hours at the terminal waiting for the next bus. The usual peak hour will delay at the Singapore to Malaysia border and the usual 30 minute stop at a restaurant in Johor for passengers to stretch their legs and then have a quick meal.

The double Decker bus will depart on time with the interior was clean and then the seat was comfortable. The bus ride from Melaka to Singapore takes approximately four hours. You can also leave the several buses stops like the Lavender St. Bus station and queen street bus station. You can buy your tickets any time but most of the travelers will recommend advance tickets during national holidays. You can also buy tickets from the several companies at easibook.com.

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